I'll make your heart grow doll

Tell me what your worst fears are.
I bet they look a lot like mine.
Tell me what you think about when you can't fall asleepat night.
Tell me that you're struggling.
Tell me that you're scared. No,
Tell me that you're terrified of life.
Tell me that it's difficult to not think of death sometimes.
Tell me how you lost.
Tell me how he left. Tell me how she left.
Tell me how you lost everything that you had.
Tell me that it ain't ever coming back.
Tell me about God.
Tell me about love.
Tell me that it's all of the above.
Say you think of everything in fear.
I bet you're not the only one does.


  1. Las Lajas Sanctuary (Nariño, Colombia)
  2. Basilica of San Marco (Venice, Italy)
  3. Chartres Cathedral (Chartres, France)
  4. Salisbury Cathedral (Wiltshire, United Kingdom)
  5. Notre Dame Cathedral (Paris, France)
  6. Florence Cathedral (Florence, Italy) 
  7. Milan Cathedral (Milan, Italy)
  8. Cologne Cathedral (Cologne, Germany)
  9. Santa Maria de Leon Cathedral (Leon, Spain)
  10. Amiens Cathedral (Amiens, France)


                                            Gothic Cathedrals

One of my favorite architectural styles is gothic. It is characterized by pointy arches, flying buttress that allow for a large open interior, and many intricate details. Gothic churches became very popular because the flying buttress made it possible to have more windows and higher ceilings, which made worshipers feel closer to God. Furthermore, most churches include grotesque gargoyle hanging up high on the exterior walls that let water to be drained from the roof to the ground. However, they were also used in the design to ward off evil so citizens would know that they are protected in the church.

I’m not a very religious person, but gothic churches are the most breathtaking structures to me. I could spend days in one church and still discover new details every second.  If you love gothic churches, I recommend going to Rouen, France. The city not only contains the Rouen Cathedral, which held the record for the tallest cathedral from 1876 to 1880, but also smaller cathedrals scattered around the city. I plan on visiting all those the cathedrals listed above. So far, I have been to the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Florence Cathedral.